Guantánamo must be closed

President Obama on Tuesday recommitted to his years-old vow to close the Guantánamo Bay prison following the arrival of “medical reinforcements” of nearly 40 Navy nurses, corpsmen and specialists amid a mass hunger strike by inmates who have been held for over a decade without trial…

Citing the high expense and the foreign policy costs of continuing to operate the prison, Mr. Obama said he would try again to persuade Congress to lift restrictions on transferring inmates to the federal court system. Mr. Obama was ambiguous, however, about the most difficult issue raised by the prospect of closing the prison: what to do with detainees who are deemed dangerous but could not be feasibly prosecuted.

Obama to Seek Closing Amid Hunger Strike at Guantánamo by Charlie Savage, The New York Times

Regardless of war crimes committed against the US, every accused person deserves their day in court. The US’ hypocrisy in chastising other countries’ human rights records is farcical given this decade-long human rights abuse they call Guantánamo. Do the right thing, President Obama. Close the prison and give the prisoners their day in court.

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